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I have been getting more used to the weather of Texas, though I’m not sure it is something I could ever enjoy. I decided to put together an outfit that felt inspired by the roots I still have in Colorado but appropriate for the warmth of Houston. Of course I brought my coffee with me. This is what it is like to feel homesick.


On top I’m wearing a floral top originally from Target that I scored at a thrift store in Colorado. It was a great find, it even had the original tags on it. Over that I added my partner’s flannel that has slowly become my own. I paired that with a simple circle skirt that’s from Old Navy. But like, from three or four years ago. I don’t shop often. I also borrowed my partner’s belt and added that on top of the flannel. I loved the way it broke up the solid black of the skirt.


My shoes are from Nine West and I have no idea where these knee high socks came from. I think they’re supposed to be thigh high socks but I’m thick and that isn’t an actual option for me. You can see them rolling over. You’re welcome.


My favorite thing about Houston is how lush nature is here. I am slowly becoming connected to the energy, but it vibrates differently from Colorado. I am so in love with the yard where we live right now. The entire neighborhood is covered in blooming flowers, bushes and trees. The colors are so inspiring.


The canopy just provides such beautiful, wonderful light that I couldn’t help but take advantage of. I love creating looks as much as I love painting, and I am so excited to share them with you. I hope you are enjoying the season change and that mother nature brings you sustenance.
– Charlie Kristen
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