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Things in Texas move a little bit slower, generally. Unless you’re in Houston. This city is moving fast, way too fast for a girl like me. The most concerning part is that it feels like it is moving fast but the traffic moves at a crawl.
I am lucky enough to have an oasis in this place to call home, surrounded by the energy that plants and nature brings. I am constantly searching for inspiration and though I don’t have much time to paint anymore, I do have to get dressed everyday. So why not enjoy putting together an outfit and share it with you.
The thing that I love about flora in Houston is how diverse it is. There are multitudes of color everywhere I look, from greens to pinks to browns to purples. Leaves, blooms and animals are all bursting to be seen. It just takes pausing your day long enough to look. I am trying to remember the beauty of this world while working in a concrete jungle building with no windows. I put together this outfit inspired by those colors, and paired it with two options depending on how warm or cool it is. Texas weather is constantly changing and though you may need a sweater when you leave, you won’t on your way back.


I paired this orange pencil skirt with a purple top that has a bit of movement in the front. I enjoy the texture of this shirt against the skirt and the way the colors compliment each other. Again I’m wearing my partner’s belt because I have yet to acquire my own. I have a pair of booties I found at a thrift store (along with everything else in this outfit…) that are a warm brown.


Over top of that I have a long sweater with a bit of a bat sleeve. The thing that I’ve learned when it comes to putting together outfits is that the thing that sells it is if you love it. I have had all of these pieces in my closet for years and just put them together for this photo shoot. I spend time considering how each piece will play together, how the colors work and most of all, how comfortable I’ll be while wearing it. I always thought that a great looking outfit meant being uncomfortable. That just isn’t true.


The other option I have for this outfit is a simple black vest instead of the sweater. The black brings a different energy to the overall look of this outfit. I also changed my shoes to a ballet flat that laces up my calf. I like matching my accessories in a similar color range to bring some structure to the look.



Autumn in Texas is so very different than Colorado. But that’s the beauty of life. Nothing is ever the same. Change brings challenges and other things become easy. There are few constants in life, and those that I enjoy I try my best to hold onto. I miss Colorado every day, and some days are easier than others. Regardless, I must make the best of my current reality.



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