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Life happens whether we want it to or not. Fortunately I feel like I’ve had a pretty okay time getting back into the swing of things. Life is still going to be hard, but I’m finally ready to enjoy parts of it again.

There’s a lot of new stuff I’m working on and I’m excited to share it again. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter, I do most of my updates over there. One of the coolest things happened though, and I wanted to share it here too. I started a youtube channel!!

Watercolors with Charlie –

I’ve uploaded a few videos and we’ve already had our first hiccup which I think, is awesome. I know I am not immune to mistakes and I’m happy to admit them. Youtube is a new endeavor for me and I am so excited to discover what this will bring into my life. Join me?!

<3 Charlie Kristen

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