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well, hello there old friends!

i hope everyone is doing as well as we can. this past year has been an eventful one for me, which i’m sure you’re aware of if you’ve joined my art adventure on instagram, twitter and patreon.

i just wanted to use this new website as an opportunity to announce my upcoming project, Inktober with Charlie!

I have done Inktober for the last few years, and i am so excited to incorporate you into my illustration adventure this year. take a look at my social links to the right (or below, if you’re on mobile,) and be sure you’re following me. i’ll be posting new illustrations EVERY DAY for AN ENTIRE MONTH. BECAUSE I LIKE A CHALLENGE OKAY.

also, if you would like to support me during this month of INKTOBER HELL please be sure to visit my Patreon. i will have special rewards for those who dare to enter….

Promotional image of dried flowers arranged around a painting of a crescent moon and cat with arched back. text reads: 31 ink illustrations shared daily on patreon & instagram starting on september 30th. join me on this adventure.
inktober HELL is like a sweet pet name for something you love and not afraid of

i hope you are all as excited for spoopy season as i am. who am i kidding, of course you are!!!

xoxo charlie kristen

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