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Breonna Taylor would have been 27. Breonna Taylor would have been a smile in someone’s day. Breonna Taylor would have been someone who loved. Breonna Taylor would have been someone to make positive change. Breonna Taylor could have been. Breonna Taylor would have been. Breonna Taylor was taken from us, and there are police officers responsible for her life being taken from us freely living their lives, being paid by a system that prioritizes white feelings over black lives. there will be no justice until every person murdered by police receives justice.

i painted this hand bursting from the ocean holding eucalyptus. eucalyptus is a tree stolen from it’s native land, forced to produce for the white man in america, and when the white man failed to make it work, they have treated them like weeds. hundreds of these trees were planted in the small town i grew up in, and learned about this backstory of these trees early in my life. it wasn’t difficult for me to understand the relation to people of color this story shares. white men have exploited all of mother earth, from nature to non-white humankind, since the beginning of time. i am thoroughly enjoying watching the dismantling of this system in my lifetime. it’s about fucking time.  

here is a website to help you take action for Breonna Taylor

there is deep symbolism behind the eucalyptus tree that has nothing to do with white people though. the tree grows in australia, and is considered holy to the aboriginals. the tree is naturally an insect deterrent and has health benefits, and is considered to be purifying. it has a lovely scent and when i lived in california, we put branches underneath our couches to help stave off bugs. it smelled wonderful when it got humid.

please consider taking the time to add your name to this petition demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

while i was putting this post together and gathering resources, i discovered that Breonna’s Law has passed, which is an incredible victory in the path of justice for Breonna. this law bans no knock warrants, which is what lead to her violent murder. the law also addresses body cam’s, which is beneficial but also, doesn’t address the larger issue at hand. each step in the right direction right now is important, and now we must focus on holding the police officers accountable as the murderers they are. here is a post on IG that tells you exactly who to contact to demand justice.  

i write this post with a heavy heart, full of grief for our fallen siblings of color. i may not have known them personally, but i feel their loss deeply. i know that i benefit from a system that took away their life, and i promise to myself and each of them that i will do my due dilligence every day to remain educated, calm, and most of all, to live my life with purpose and passion. i commit to being part of a new world, where we participate daily in removing the walls put up by our society. a world where Breonna Taylor would have been.

visit my linktree for even more resources meant to help you learn and options for you to help our community

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