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This week’s Artist In View introduces you to three creative artists that will bring light to your feed.

Hello friends!

I am back this week with my second Artist In View, where I share my platform with three artists of color as part of my commitment to the Artist Support Pledge. If you want to know more about this incredible collective of artists supporting artists, check out my last blog

I want to get right into telling you about the three Black femme creators for this week’s In View post.

Amber Murayi is a professional illustrator, creating beautiful artworks that celebrate the Black experience. Her artwork captures such distinct emotion in dreamy color palettes and beautiful linework. Follow her on insta and check out her website to learn more about Unprofessional Mom Studio!

Dane Edidi, or more accurately, Lady Danefe, is an African, Cuban, Indigenous Transwoman of many talents, including being an author and playwright. Check out her IGTV post where she reads us a wonderful excerpt of her novella, which I highly recommend. Follow her on insta and check out her website to see the many ways you can support Lady Danefe.

Keisha Finnie is a self-taught visual artist based in PA. She just recently accomplished an incredible feat, finishing a mural and getting a front page art feature in the newspaper. I am inspired by her persistence in my feed, and she has motivated me to keep my focus and achieve my goals. You can follow her on insta or check out her website to learn more about what Keisha is up to next.

If you would like to visit my store to see the paintings that are a part of my Artist Support Pledge, please view my Summer Flora collection. Feel free to donate to my Ko-Fi if you’d like to leave a tip. 20% of all income will be donated to various BLM sources.

I have enjoyed seeking out more artists to include in upcoming features, and I don’t really know when this will come to an end. If you have any feedback on my posts, my language or anything of that nature, please reach out. I am open to learning about how to be a better ally.

until next time,

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