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I stepped outside the other day, clothed for the weather we’d been having only to be surprised by mother nature’s cool breath wrapped around my skin. It was quite the thrill to be so intensely reminded of the upcoming season change, and since her cool touch I have felt awakened. 

I wanted to take some time to talk about Patreon. I’ve been a creator on Patreon for quite some time now, and it has taken that time to discover a balance of rewards that work for both my Patrons and me. It’s really cool to say that I’ve finally found that balance, right as the autumnal shift begins.

I have three tiers of rewards available on my Patreon, The Daisies, The Peionies and The Poppies. Visit my page to learn the details of each tier and find out if one works for you! I wanted to share my September blog post for the Peonies and Poppies tier so you can get an idea of what to expect for just $3 a month! I also have special offers available exclusively for my patrons so if you want to know what that is, join my Patreon today!

September | home is a fresh bouquet of flowers

I have really been through quite a bit lately, and now that the seasons are changing and the air is cooling, I’m starting to feel like I can do things again. It has been a slow going process, but I’m learning that is what works for me. Patience is my strength, and it has brought me many great things in my life lately, too.

I miss the fresh flowers I used to get when we lived in Houston. It hasn’t felt safe for me to explore local florists in the OKC area, but I do want to when I feel confident in that. I painted this bouquet with just the feeling of coming home to a big bouquet greeting you. It’s like mother nature is welcoming you home.

I hope that the weight of the world isn’t weighing too heavy on you today, and may you find peace and relaxation even for a moment, because the most radical thing we can do is be happy inside ourselves.

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