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okay how cool is this? i am so excited to share with you a selection of a few ink designs as exclusive digital downloads and prints in my ko-fi shop! there are currently three designs, two are quotes and one is the most popular illustration from my #inkwithcharlie tradition on insta.

i wanted to make these prints special, so i’ve made a limited edition run of prints for the “you are not what happened to you” physical option – i will add gold ink detailing prior to sending you the print.

please let me know if you have any print requests – i can print most of my artwork at home but i haven’t had the time to list every design.

i’m launching this shop in hopes to be able to save some income to help cover our move at the end of the month. as some of you may know, our living situation has not been the safest and we are in desperate need to get out of this apartment. moving is expensive and i’m very nervous about affording every aspect of it. i’m making as much of my work available to help make sure we are comfortable for our move.

thank you for reading this far and if u have send me a moon emoji

xx charlie

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