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i am so pleased to announce that i have been invited to help raise awareness and funds for Bleed the North by participating an online art & gallery auction hosted by Menstruation REDefined on instagram. 

i will be created three new paintings surrounding my experience with menstruation as a non-binary femme, which will be available for purchase only through this auction. make sure you follow @femaleempowermentartauction to ensure you get a chance at an original piece of artwork from me or the many other talented artists joining me in this powerful fundraiser. 

the auction will be on nov 7, 2020 and will be live from 8am-8pm EST. 50% of my profits from this auction will be donated to Bleed the North, who are doing incredible work to end period poverty in their community through various projects and work that makes a lasting impact on people who have a uterus. 

the stigma surrounding menstruation is one that i have been faced with time and time again in the mainstream media (why is the liquid in the commercials blue???) and inside my head (how would period products have developed if all genders had the privilege of white men?) has been difficult to work through. not to mention the internal struggle that i still can’t find the words for. 

that’s why i’m so excited to be a part of this. i want to be a part of something that can help someone like me, eleven, bleeding, and thinking that my life was over because of it. when in fact, life was pouring from my body. 

see you there!
x charlie

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