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When I started creating art over ten years ago, it began as a way for me to play, to spend my time while experiencing life. It was surprising to me when people were excited for this artistic adventure, and persuaded me to keep creating. I will never forget the people early on in my journey who spoke to me in a way that they believed in me, because I definitely did not. Not only has art become a key component of my life, sharing that journey to whomever wants to hear it has also become an important aspect.

I’ve devoted myself wholly to this endeavor of living creatively, with the support of my amazing partners and friend’s wonderful encouragement. I am not exaggerating when I say I wouldn’t be here without them. This last year has been incredibly difficult, as it has been for all of us. During this time though, I’ve really depended on the catharsis that creating brings me.

That leads me to the reason I’m writing this post. It has been a great journey diving into my artwork. I feel like I’m at the beginning stages of something great. I am so pleased to announce, my participation in MADS Milano art exhibition Gaia: The Origin. My artwork titled The Origin of the Universe can be viewed virtually here, or if you’re in Milan, at the MADS Milano art gallery from the 26th of March until the 4th of April.

I think parts of me feel like I’m in a bit of disbelief, but after today it has all began to feel a lot more real. The MADS Milano IG page has shared a video walk-through of all the artists participating in the gallery and I’ll be sharing some of that on Instagram and here on my website in the upcoming week.

I want to take a moment to thank my curator for this gallery, Francesca Campanelli. She has been such an incredible help during this journey and her constant support has been wonderful. She’s shared so much beautiful content about this art exhibition, and I strongly suggest you follow her on IG to see the other artists she’s also helped!

Thank you again and here’s to the next adventure!

xx charlie

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