Watercolors with Charlie

Welcome to my first online store, introducing three new collections of artwork including originals, physical and downloadable prints!

visit all three collections below

Spring Revival is a group of ten floral arrangements illustrated in watercolor and ink  

Summer Flora is made up of abstract floral paintings  and illustrations 

Nature the Collection contains a downloadable multimedia zine and four watercolor illustrations

In an effort to use my platform for the continued amplification of trans, black, indigenous and people of color, I am announcing this collection alongside with my participation in the Artist Support Pledge. I encourage you to read more from Matthew Burrow, who began this endeavor at the start of lockdown. For every $1,000 in sales I reach,  I commit to purchasing an original artwork from BIPOC artists. I wanted to take the spirit of this further, and pledge to give back to artists who may not have had the same opportunities as me, but should have. This is a new journey for me, one that I plan to be transparent with and to use as an opportunity to better educate myself on the inherent privilege I have in our current society. For every artwork sold, original or print, I will donate 20% of my sales to local Black Lives Matter causes, such as bail funds and fundraisers. 
In addition to making a pledge to purchase an artists’ work, I will also be sharing various artists that inspire me regularly over on my link tree. I have many resources available there for you to educate yourself on racial injustice, police abolition and many more issues we are facing in our lifetime.
Payments for all orders are processed by PayPal, but if you would like to arrange another type of payment please send all inquiries to watercolorswithcharlie@gmail.com
Please note commissions are currently closed.

the biggest thanks to everyone who has supported my passion. if you want to join my creative journey, follow me on social media